From manufacturing to window

    How does RENOLIT BENDIT reach the customer?

    The cladding panel from RENOLIT BENDIThas been on the market since the beginning of 2021 and since then has made it easier for many a window manufacturer and installer to flexibly clad window corners and lintels.

    Its big plus: it is available in the same colors and decors as film laminated windows. This opens up a wide range of applications in window construction. With the aid of simple milling on the reverse side, the aluminum composite panel can be edged - and thanks to the special foil properties, this can be done without white breakage. "This makes RENOLIT BENDIT a real problem solver with a unique selling point," says Rainer Langner, Facade Sales and Project Manager at RENOLIT.

    The manufacturer and developer of the innovative panel is RENOLIT in Worms. The range includes ten different colors and decors. For nationwide distribution, the film specialist has sought an exclusive partner: Nüßing GmbH. The building hardware dealer - one of the leading in Germany - has the ideal logistical prerequisites with its network of five stockholding branches, four locations with pick-up warehouses, two sales offices and over 40 field staff. Nüßing has the entire RENOLIT BENDIT product range including accessories in stock and thus enables very short delivery times of sometimes less than one week.

    Incidentally, the idea for RENOLIT BENDIT arose in 2018 from a customer's inquiry. "An architect inquired whether there were not claddings around polymer windows that were available in the exact window decor," reveals Langner. Two years passed from the idea to the market launch. So far, RENOLIT BENDIT is most often used as corner cladding or cladding within window strips. But users and architects are creative, Langner notes: "Roller shutter box revision covers, simple cover strips, privacy and wind protection walls, even trash box enclosures have already been built from RENOLIT BENDIT."

    Thought around the corner

    The handling of RENOLIT BENDIT is as simple as can be - window manufacturers, resellers or installation companies can prefabricate the cladding panels in their workshop for the construction site or adapt them to the conditions directly on site. All it takes is a panel or router. "For those who only want to concentrate on sales, but still want to use the service of prefabrication, there is now a solution," says Rainer Langner. This is because a company has been set up specifically for this task - it prepares the panels according to the customer's requirements and, on request, supplies pre-cut parts, pre-milled panels or the finished cladding, which then only needs to be assembled. "This cooperation will further facilitate access to the product," Langner is certain. "The range of colors and decors, as well as the spectrum of accessories for installation and window or building connection, will also be expanded." So in the future, there will be no limits to the imagination for claddings with that certain K(n)ick.

    Together with its partners, RENOLIT offers innovative full-service solutions. Anyone interested in the new RENOLIT BENDIT product should ideally contact RENOLIT BENDIT.