Good against corona viruses, harmful for surfaces?

    Sanitizers are currently one of the most sought-after chemical products, but the alcohol in them is not only aggressive to the skin. The high-performance film RENOLIT REFACE, however, has been able to demonstrate special chemical resistance in field tests and in the laboratory, which qualifies it for applications in heavily used interior areas.

    The Corona crisis has created a whole new awareness of hygiene in the public sphere. Not only is everyone paying more attention to staying germ-free, but in other countries entire areas of public life are already being cleaned by disinfection squads. In this country, too, more and more aggressive cleaning agents are being used in buildings with a lot of public traffic. The question arises as to which surfaces these agents end up on and how they react to them.

    RENOLIT has already conducted several successful field tests with RENOLIT REFACE in interior applications. Among other things, doors and partition walls of WCs were covered with the high-performance film and treated with cleaning agents. Tests were also carried out in a hospital, and it was possible to prove in the laboratory that the product is not damaged by disinfectants during daily cleaning. For example, Sterilium, a very commonly used product, leaves no traces on the surface. RENOLIT tests this on various shades from the RENOLIT REFACE range. In the laboratory tests, the various test agents such as acetic and citric acid, gasoline, cleaning agents and solutions with a pH value of 3 to 11, as well as other solvents and staining substances, acted on the product for 16 hours without leaving any traces. In addition to the special insensitivity of the surface, the product is also characterized by the fact that it can be applied subsequently.

    Originally developed for facades, RENOLIT received an increasing number of inquiries about interior and exterior applications, which prompted it to investigate the chemical resistance function in more detail. It became apparent, in addition to the special resistance, that competitors in the field of paints and powder coating do not possess this attribute.