RENOLIT REFACE gives Berlin commercial building a new appearance

    When the facade company Norenz was commissioned to redesign a six-story commercial building in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, the need was immediately apparent. The metal building's roughly 30-year-old facade was badly weathered, and the pink anodized steel sheets no longer fit in well with the brightly colored times. Entrepreneur Andreas Norenz was not surprised. "UV rays severely attack the facade coatings over the years. The eloxation then chalks out, the paints become matt, and the surfaces dull." Due to the smooth metal surface, a facade foil proved to be the optimal alternative to conventional renovation measures.

    The customer decided to use a combination of two colors. In addition to signal white, Norenz advised complementary elements in deep black. "This was primarily an aesthetic decision; the current trend is toward strong contrasts."

    Over a period of three months, his team applied 1,300 square meters of film to the facade of the Wilmersdorf commercial building. He carried out the work using a lifting platform, saving a time-consuming and expensive installation of scaffolding. To do this, all the gaps were first painted to match the color of the film. "And then it goes quite systematically from top to bottom," explains the experienced facade foiler, who has already renewed surfaces of the Mercedes-Benz Arena or the Paul Löbe House in Berlin.





    Despite all the preparatory work required, the entrepreneur is convinced of facade filming. For him, the advantages over painting are huge: a film solution can be applied more quickly, does not generate spray mist and thus solvent emissions, masking is not necessary, and building use is never interrupted. It also protects the surface and is particularly durable. The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty if the film if properly installed, but experience shows that it lasts longer.






    Once it has been checked whether the surface is suitable for this purpose, Norenz recommends foiling especially for commercial properties whose owners are keen to have an attractive exterior. "After all, the facade is the face of any building and makes a significant contribution to the feel-good factor for tenants as well," Norenz is certain. He has been working with the RENOLIT REFACE facade foil for a long time and is convinced of its quality.