RENOLIT expands sales circle for renovation film



    Worms, march 10, 2022 – The renovation film RENOLIT REFACE moves southward. Vink Austria, system supplier of films for printing applications and the advertising industry in Austria, has added the film product from Worms to ist range at the turn of the year. Fort he cooperation partners it is a typical win-win situation: RENOLIT benefits from the established market position oft he new sales partner in Austria, and Vink Austria can use ist many years of know-how in film processing fort he construction-related sector.


    For this purpose, the Austrian company has launched the „Vink Architektur“ sales project and also offers numerours other film ranges for interior and exterior design via this channel. Behind this step there are decades of contacts with architects, designers, planners and construction companies: „We have been selling CAD papers for toner-based or water-based printing for over 20 years and with RENOLIT REFACE we can now extend the range for these target groups,“ says Albert Hadodo, Managing Director of Vink Austria.

    Cross-industry synergy effects

    The system house sells the renovation film exclusively in Austria and has built up a network of ten selected partner companies for processing. In a first step, the specialist companies were first familiarized with the special installation procedures. „in one-day courses, we taught the special tricks for processing the film on the facade,“ reports Rouven Schiedhelm, who organizes the customer training courses for this product area. With this network, Vink Austria can process the renovation film nationwide and at the same time is preparing for future expansion. „We already have several projects in the pipeline, because synergies are emerging betweeen sectors that previously didn´t have much to do with each other – and with customers we´ve known for a very long time, among others,“ says a delighted Albert Hadodo. The managing director estimates the current order volume for RENOLIT REFACE at more than 10,000 square meters.



    Easy to clean, easy to process

    RENOLIT REFACE is a multilayer film with a PVC film as base. The second layer is made of transparent polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), the top layer of a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) film. PMMA makes the high-performance film resistant to UV radiation, while the PVDF layer protects against dirt and chemicals due to ist low surface tension, so that the film can be cleaned with very little effort. The reverse side oft he renovation film is formed by an acrylate adhesive on a special carrier paper with air release technology. Microchannels embedded in the adhesive ensure that any air pockets are drained off when the film is applied, thus preventing the formation of bubbles.


    The company

    The RENOLIT Group is an internationally active specialist for high-quality films, sheets and other products made of polymers. With more than 30 production sites and sales units in 20 countries and sales of 1.032 billion euros in 2020, the company, headquartered in Worms, is one oft he world´s leading plastics processors. More than 4,800 employees are constantly developing the know-how from 75 years oft he company´s history.