Colour Road 22/23


    Simply breathtaking: The new colour schemes for facades

    Discovering new shores and countries is a deep desire of many people. Until now, we have lived in the belief that we will travel even more in the future and that new opportunities will open up for us to explore the world.

    Then the world changed.

    Travel has become a precious commodity that can no longer be taken for granted. But humans are fundamentally creative beings whose minds know no boundaries. We create new dimensions for ourselves and overcome any obstacle. Those who do not set limits to their imagination open their minds to new experiences and knowledge.

    People's inventive spirit is constantly at work. We see this reflected in the buildings surrounding us. Our architectural achievements, whether in big cities or small towns, are a reflection of where our global society is heading.

    The human quest for new knowledge and experiences is the inspiration for the new three themes of our  Colour Road 2022/23: DEEP OCEAN LEVEL, GROUND LEVEL, COSMOS LEVEL.

    We dive into the ocean to explore new worlds of blue and green hues in DEEP OCEAN LEVEL. Back on land, we discover the earthy and sensual brown and red tones in GROUND LEVEL, which accompany us on hikes through the landscapes of our planet. After we have drawn strength from the earth, we embark on a journey into space, as infinite expanses await us in COSMOS LEVEL. Futuristic shades of grey and colours inspired by planets fascinate us and provide us with new energy.

    We want to share with you the vitality of these diverse colour themes to give you ideas and inspiration for your facade design.

    RENOLIT Colour Road 2022/23: Let's travel to new dimensions together!



    Vibrancy - Depth - Mystery

    Secret ocean: Where life thrives

    The ocean is a place full of magic. While space may be the final frontier, the ocean may be the greater mystery. We observe the waves dancing on the infinite blue. One moment they are floating along, the next they dramatically rise up. Thousands and thousands of creatures live in the ocean, some of them still entirely unknown. The ocean inspires, awakens and provides a boost of creativity. Various artists have explored many genres to describe the ocean. In music, paintings and also in architecture, creative people have always found new approaches to interpret the mystery worlds of our oceans.


    Modern facade design inspired by the mystical energy of the ocean

    The flowing movement of water and the irresistible attraction of the ocean are represented by the new colours of RENOLIT REFACE.

    Powerful blue hues, a maritime green in the new shade Seaweed, as well as grey and beige nuances blend beautifully in DEEP OCEAN LEVEL. A special highlight is our new shade Treasure, an intense new golden hue with a sensual glow that creates a luxurious look. The colours are particularly suitable for buildings that evolve into works of art through wave-like architecture. They appeal to people on an emotional level and blend seamlessly into different environments. DEEP OCEAN LEVEL gives facades a mysterious and appealing depth. The Urban Beige décor is reminiscent of the organic structure of sandy seabeds that adds a natural and puristic look to any facade. The Jakarta Teak décor, with its look that resembles a weather-tanned pier, sets bold accents with depth.

    ents.vement of water and the irresistible attraction of the ocean, this is what the new colors of RENOLIT REFACE represent. 


    Reflection - Warmth - Perspective

    Grounded thoughts, clear vision, deep breaths

    When too many thoughts are flowing in our heads and we are feeling restless, movement helps to reduce stress and anxiety. We put on our hiking boots and take a walk in nature. The focus on the movement and the physical exhaustion of a long hike helps to clear the mind. Our earth offers many pilgrim paths that provide people with what is lacking in everyday life: the luxury of time spent in constant movement. Step by step, breath by breath. A hike reconnects us to nature: we feel the earth beneath our feet and see the sky above us. Through hiking, we actively perceive and absorb the surrounding landscape, which evokes a feeling of gratitude within us. A truly grounding experience.

    Contemporary facades: Less ornament, more clarity

    The new perspective that GROUND LEVEL provides can be felt in large buildings.

    We immediately think of the ultra-modern architecture of today's big cities. Edges, corners, smooth surfaces, these are associations where GROUND LEVEL awakens. The colours of RENOLIT REFACE also match this architecture. Pilgrim Shell, a sandy, grounded yellow hue, gives facades the sophisticated appearance of shell limestone. With natural green shades and earthy brown tones, facades melt into their surroundings, while the brown-red accent colour provides a warm atmosphere. Décors from this colour scheme, such as Urban Bronze or Country Oak, represent natural structures and harmonise perfectly with wooden elements or darker stone surfaces. GROUND LEVEL encapsulates the essence of a pilgrimage: stability and strength can be achieved from a well-balanced foundation.


    Energy - Power - Space

    Drawing strength from the vastness of space

    We take off. Into the ultimate adventure - outer space. The experience of leaving our earth and travelling into the great unknown fascinates us. Perhaps this experience also contributes to a newfound gratitude for the beauty and diversity of our planet. Infinite vastness, planets full of energy and a cosmos filled with possibilities - the COSMOS LEVEL represents the universe in all its dimensions. With this theme, we transfer the spirit of adventure into the world of facades, which reach new horizons through the COSMOS LEVEL and make it possible to look ahead. The journey into the faraway cosmos is a dream of the distant future. Why don't we just live it here on earth right now?

    Cosmic colours, vibrant facades

    These images went around the world: the birth of new stars was captured by the James Webb Space Telescope, showing the breathtaking beauty of the cosmos. The sheer energy released in space is literally breathtaking. Inspired by the popular red planet of our galaxy, we created the colour Mars. A remarkably vibrant orange with grey undertones suitable as a highlight colour for the facade of contemporary and futuristic buildings

    COSMOS LEVEL comes in many shades of grey and designs with a dark wood grain engraving that enhances any facade and gives it a sophisticated, futuristic look with depth. Let's explore the cosmic colour combinations of COSMOS LEVEL together.