Geocomposite for hydraulic works
    UV Resistant



    ALKORPLAN 00518 for hydraulic works

    • Homogeneous flexible polyvinyl chloride PVC-P thermobonded to a Polypropylene geotextile.
    • Designed for dams, canals, hydraulic tunnels, reservoirs, lagoons and other hydraulic structures with exposed or protected waterproofing system.
    • Geocomposite is made of a PVC-P geomembrane RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35254 2.5mm thick, UV resistant, dual layer, thermobonded to a 500 g/m² PP fleece.


    • Geocomposite in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificate.
    • High UV stability.
    • Resistant to swelling, rotting and ageing.
    • Geocomposite produced with high quality resins, this guarantees high consistency of properties and optimum durability.
    • CE Marking and mechanical properties in accordance with EN 13361 and 13362.
    • Very high level of watertightness, even with permanent deformation.
    • Large capacity for adaptation to irregularities or deformation of support owing to its high deformability and weld strength.
    • High resistance to puncturing.
    • Root resistance in accordance with EN14416.
    • Not resistant to bitumen, oil and tar.


    • Hot air or hot wedge welding achieves assembly of the geocomposite or prefabricated panels. The weldability and the quality of the welding done on site can be influenced by atmospheric conditions (temperature, humidity of the air) and also by the state of the surface of the geocomposite (clean surface, more or less wetness of the surface) and must be adapted accordingly.
    • Generally when laying gravely sand, gravel, selected fill or concrete on a geocomposite, a geotextile or a protection membrane of non-reinforced PVC-P (protection against dynamic puncturing) should be placed in between.
    The geomembrane can be used on a bituminous support after the insertion of a suitable separation layer. To avoid hydrolysis of the PES geotextile due to high alkalinity, it can not be installed on fresh concrete without adequate separation.


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