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RENOLIT 3D PET Laminate - Caravan interior

    RENOLIT 3D PET Laminate

    The 3D variant of RENOLIT PET laminate in high-gloss also boasts outstanding surface stability and an attractive depth effect. In the super-matt version (available from 2020), the attractive look and feel of the 3D high-tech laminate produces impressive results; the thermoformable material is equally easy to apply and delivers a robust, hard-wearing finish. Optimised for three-dimensional applications in the kitchen, furniture and caravan industries, RENOLIT 3D PET laminate is easy to clean, highly resistant to scratches, knocks and bumps and is designed to look like new even after years of use.

    RENOLIT 3D PET Laminate is the ideal product for the decorative design of impressive three-dimensional surfaces in caravans. With its beautiful yet highly resistant gloss surface, which is also easy to work with and form in 3D, it is suitable for creating high-quality three-dimensional surfaces with visual and tactile appeal in caravans.


    Discover RENOLIT PET Laminates!


    The unique properties of RENOLIT 3D PET Laminates make it the perfect product for the decorative finishing of caravan interior surfacces.

    Surface stability






    RENOLIT 3D PET Laminate 
    Applications:furniture, kitchens,caravan, shops and commercial property
    Availability: from stock
    Processing type: 3D Thermoforming
    Properties:surface stability, scratch-resistant, ultra-smooth, easy to clean, anti-fingerprint, thermoformable 
    Appearance:plain colours with super-matt and high-gloss effects
    Roll length:200 linear metres
    Delivery:minimum 1 roll

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