RENOLIT SIGN (translucent)

    Our translucent plastic films are characterized by a uniform translucence and are, at the same time, especially colourfast. Special pigmentation offers uniform colour perception, regardless of whether viewed in daylight or backlit. Select any of our realizable colours, whose reproducibility we guarantee.

    Used for backlit signs and direction signage or even as light boxes, our translucent film solutions will always draw attention, both during the day and at night.

    Product Variations


    up to 82.5” (La Porte 67”)


    2.4 mil to 4.0 mil


    Reach out to our colour matching service.


    Full range of flexibilities available.


    Polymer, High Grade or Monomer.


    Some colours are available with IR reflecting pigments.


    A range from matte to high gloss and different special embossing possible.

    Product Properties

    • Good colour consistency
    • Customized colours, broad colour spectrum
    • Excellent colour retention
    • Perfect lay flat
    • Excellent process ability on coating and converting machines
    • High gloss level
    • Easy handling even on non-flat surfaces
    • Low shrinkage 

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