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Amsterdam Innovation Center

    The future starts here

    History meets innovation at the RENOLIT Amsterdam Innovation Center. 

    As the Port of Amsterdam’s activities shifted towards the west in the 1980’s, a disused wharf in the derelict North remained.

    Thanks to an initiative by a few architects, an old disused shipyard crane line was converted so that an unusual and very futuristic building was created.

    An elevated office block made of steel and glass of amazing proportions, 270 meters long, 13 meters above the water’s surface and 12.5 meters wide. The perfect location for the RENOLIT MEDICAL Innovation Center.

    At a time when many companies are trying to find out how to develop and grow more rapidly, RENOLIT MEDICAL has found ways of promoting and advancing innovations at a location somewhat away from where daily business takes place.

    The new AIC should motivate employees to work together beyond discipline, team and Business Unit constraints and develop new ideas.

    In addition to external cooperations, we also want to further develop our own, in-house innovative momentum.

    Complementing classical research and development, technologies and competences from various areas meet in the AIC so that we are able to strategically develop new ideas from our “Innovation Fields”.

    At the end, new products, services and business areas are created which help RENOLIT MEDICAL and the whole of RENOLIT to continue being successful in the future.

    In our AIC, thinking outside the box is not only allowed but actively encouraged.

    Employees and external partners work together on interdisciplinary projects and transform their ideas into trend-setting innovations in an environment which is both flexible, functional and inspiring.


    In addition to our global research and development activities, the Innovation Center is a particular place to shape the future.

    In that it unites people, technologies and competences from diverse fields of expertise under one roof, it is a place where innovative ideas and projects are developed and whose implementation is accelerated by the interaction of agile company structures and lean processes.

    AIC is part of the RENOLIT MEDICAL transformation and growth program which is designed to make the Business Unit more efficient, more innovative and fit for the future.

    In parallel to the Innovation Center, an interactive exhibition has been integrated into the same space which should give visitors or customers insights into the “Innovation World” of RENOLIT MEDICAL and make new ideas tangible.

    This exhibition is being underpinned by a film titled “Discover RENOLIT HEALTHCARE”.

    In the near future we will open a second Innovation Center in Beijing.

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