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    Brown Leather Supermatt

    Article Code S40.40.23.0057.
    Decor Number L1484
    Decor Description Brown Leather Supermatt
    Brand / Product Group RENOLIT ALKOREN - 3D classic films
    Additional information

    The warm brown tone of Brown Leather reflects the colour palette of traditional leather workshops, creating a homely and inviting atmosphere in living areas and commercial property construction and shop fitting. Whether it’s combined with black, creamy white or a medium-brown wood, this colour exudes elegance.

    RENOLIT ALKOREN is a thermolaminate that can be shaped in three-dimensions under application of pressure and heat and combined with wooden materials or WPC products. The product is designed as surface decoration on furniture and interior design components. Detailed instructions on how to apply RENOLIT ALKOREN are provided in the technical data sheets supplied with the product.

    Collection 3D Highlights 2018, 3D Shortroll Programme 2019, Colour Road 19/ 20, Colour Road 18/ 19
    Category Supermatt
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