RENOLIT at the ZOW 2012

Rough Naturalness

Decor and surface range of RENOLIT DESIGN in even more variations

Worms / Bad Salzuflen, February 6, 2012 – Two decors are on the move. The wood decors, Swiss Elm and Lancelot C were exhibited at the ZOW 2012 to represent the RENOLIT exhibition motto "Let's move!". They not only graced the front and tops of two chests of drawers but also the walls behind them. Furniture and walls thus blended into one another and demonstrated the quality and application opportunities of high-quality, decorative surfaces.

This quality results from naturalness and an increasingly perfect harmony between decor printing and embossing. This structural effect is and remains modern especially in combination with natural wood finishes. The Business Unit RENOLIT DESIGN presented numerous new variations at the ZOW.

Established Oak

One of this year’s innovations included the deep-pore embossing effect “Okasha” which allows the viewer to feel what he sees. The distinct structure combines ash and oak pores and looks like open-pore, real wood with its broad annular rings. As a primer film, Okasha can be subsequently painted and thus allows a cost-effective spectrum of colours to be generated.

The successful structure “Sawcut” combines deep oak pores with a sawed look and mirrors the structure of freshly cut wood. The varying marks left by the saw blades’ teeth interact with the surface haptics of oaks pores.

Oak decors remain topical and can be found in almost every collection. The decor “Trojan PA” offers a new, perfect replication of this traditional wood with cut flowers and an elegant, linear flow. The new surface “Woodtouch”, which is practically indistinguishable from sanded oak, underlines this perfection.

Playing with Plain Colours and Surfaces

Another established design is the characteristic elm. The decor “Swiss Elm” is now available in five different versions including one in high-gloss. The new “stripy” wood pore “Natinga“, a finely structured mat-gloss pore, highlights the quality of today’s wood decors.

This quality is also reflected by a series of muted plain colours for RENOLIT ALKOREN products. Their surfaces are mat or satin and combine scratch-free functionality with design qualities. The range of colours extends from white and diverse crème tones to slightly green undertones and is coordinated for the combination with current wood decors.

Versatile Fantasy Decors

The current trendsetter in fashion and interior decorating are irregular stripes and geometric shapes.  The new development “Cobra” taps into this new trend with a colour spectrum consisting of shades of blue, beige and green.  The three-colour decor highlights contrasts and at the same time creates a homely atmosphere. They lend themselves to combinations with the plain colours which the prints themselves contain. Cobra is a timeless decor for kitchens and living rooms as well as for high-class object and shop fittings.

The equally new concrete structure “Moulins” with discreet block prints can be used as a false plain and can be combined with cool colours such as muted whites, blackberry tones and a dark blue. Depending on the combination of colours, the neutral decor can be used for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms or sets trends as an eye-catcher for store fittings.

New Presentation Materials

The value of the decor qualities is reflected in the design of the promotional materials: RENOLIT DESIGN has created a dedicated DIN A4 ring-binder which contains all the new standard decors in the 2011 and 2012 “Highlight Collection”. In addition, the RENOLIT ALKOREN and RENOLIT COVAREN collection folders have been redesigned and are now available in handy DIN A6 formats.

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