RENOLIT at interzum 2017

Lightweight and stable, damp-proof and on top of that, visually attractive – caravan manufacturers (among others) can only dream of such material properties. With its RENOLIT GORCELL elements, RENOLIT was again able to demonstrate at this year’s interzum that this combination is not a mere utopian fantasy.

The elements consist of a honeycomb core with an ultralight hexagonal structure, as well as thermally laminated WPC protective layers on the front and back, which can vary in thickness in accordance with the intended application. Complex components, which are simultaneously lightweight, highly resilient and completely recyclable, are produced from this composite element by means of thermoforming. In addition, the elements can be enhanced using decorative thermolaminates like RENOLIT ALKORCELL. Up to now, both the manufacturing process based on ECONCORE technology and the final product in this form are unique throughout Europe.

The designer Joachim Cürten, who is well-known for his work in mobile home and caravan manufacturing, has demonstrated the versatility of RENOLIT GORCELL in an interior fitting situation. The surfaces are dominated by a gentle interplay of grey tones: the overhead stowage compartments and worktops are in the Makalu concrete décor in different shades of grey. The hatches of the floor cupboards are kept in the three-dimensional Monte Carlo wooden décor, whose fine lines in a brushed-wood look present an elegant contrast to the authentic texture of the concrete. “To make the structure of the elements clearly visible, the surface of the cupboard unit is partly made of plexiglass,” explains RENOLIT product designer Claudia Hiepel in reference to the weight-saving construction. The honeycomb elements reduce the weight of one square metre of panel surface by over 65 per cent compared to 15 millimetre-thick poplar plywood.

Hardness test in the laboratory

A laboratory test at the trade fair stand gave visitors a clear demonstration of other structural strengths of RENOLIT GORCELL. “We want to demonstrate the resistance to moisture-induced swelling as well as the UV stability of the elements and their decorative thermolaminate by means of a long-term weathering test,” says Axel Kulke, the Sales & Marketing Director of RENOLIT COMPOSITES describing the background to the trade fair demonstration. Up to now, it has been very successful: the test material has already withstood over half of the total 10,000 hours required free of any damage.

Its robustness, combined with a thermolaminate surface from the extensive RENOLIT DESIGN collection, also makes RENOLIT GORCELL a useful material for outdoor deployment. Two RENOLIT system partners are currently pursuing several projects in the area of outdoor living: Georg Ackermann GmbH, a company from Wiesenbronn in Lower Franconia specialising in three-dimensional interior fittings, and M. Hunger Möbelproduktions GmbH, a company based in Bünde in Westphalia and long-standing supplier and manufacturer in the furniture industry, as well as an innovation leader in the constructional lightweight furniture design sector. These projects include, for example, edgings for raised beds, folding tables, screen elements, cushion storage boxes, summer houses, waste container boxes as well as outdoor kitchens.


About the Company

The RENOLIT Group is an international leader in the manufacture of high-quality plastic films and related products for technical applications. This independent family-owned business, which has been setting benchmarks for quality and innovation for 70 years, now employs a workforce of approximately 4,500 employees at more than 30 production sites and sales entities. In the fiscal year 2016, the Group generated a turnover of EUR 965,6 million.

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