RENOLIT at the ZOW 2012

The Weather Forecast

Colour Road 12|13 predicts harmonious colour trends

Worms / Bad Salzuflen, February 6, 2012 – Enchanting foggy tones, windy blue and luscious greens just like after a tropical downpour: The fashion and colour trends in the coming season will reflect the weather. RENOLIT SE’s Corporate Design Management together with the French stylist R.C.M. have developed three new colour concepts with the titles "Fog & Snow", "Wind" and "Rain". Under the motto "Weather Forecast”, they will offer impulses for the development of future furniture and interior design products.

Fog & Snow: Like in fog

"There are no contrasts in fog and no sharp contours in snow, as if the world is viewed through a misted-up plane of glass” says Monika Fecht, Head of Corporate Design Management of the colour spectrum “Fog & Snow”. The white tones appear filtered, dull and slightly silvery white, as off-whites and as grey shadows similar to the new trend colours in the RENOLIT range. "Ceramic" is a light creme tone, "Putty" a muted beige tone. Recommended combinations, both with plain colours and wood decors, are red and brown tones such as the yellowish-red tone “Brick”.

Wind: Playing with the Elements

The colour spectrum “Wind” represents change, movement and flexibility because wind brings order into disarray. An almost inexhaustible number of blue tones offer a vast number of colour options in the coming season. Shades range from light to dark, from weak to robust, from marine to petrole blue. In this colour spectrum, RENOLIT presents the new trend colour “Aqua” as well as the turquoise tone “Lagoon” and the cool blue tone “Wave Blue”. Dark red tones and the burgundy tone “Cranberry” provide modern contrasts.

Rain: Warm Rain Generates Sensuality

The colour spectrum “Rain” represents the range of green tones from light watery-green, petrole blue and yellow-green through to the khaki and brown area. New variations such as the natural green “Fern“ or the grey tone “Stone” represents the balancing act between intimacy with nature and elegance and charismatic light wood decors also harmonize perfectly.

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