RENOLIT donation projects 2012

Worms, December 12, 2012 - Once again this year, the RENOLIT Group donates to charitable organisations at Christmas time.


RENOLIT SE Worms donates to:

Spiel- und Lernstube | Diakonisches Werk Worms-Alzey (“play and learning room”)

The “play and learning room” is located in the residential neighbourhood of RENOLIT SE, Worms. The aim is to reduce the children’s handicaps, which exist on many different levels. The educational chances will be optimized by supporting the children doing their homework, improvement of their language skills or to work off school deficits.

Rheinhessen gegen Rechts e.V. (“Rhine-Hesse against right-wing extremism”)

This registered association encourages projects to destroy and to avoid xenophobia, racism or right-wing radicalism. The organisation also supports the networking between projects for bilateral benefits.

Puppenbühne | Sicheres Worms e.V. (“Puppet show”)

Volunteers working for the registered association “Sicheres Worms” (Safety for Worms city) are organising puppet shows for preschools and primary schools. The puppet show trains the children playfully for confident behaviour in perilous situations.

Integrationswerkstatt | Caritasverband Worms e.V. (“Integration work shop”)

The office for migration and integration supports the communal life between local inhabitants and immigrants and they also help migrants with integration. The “integration work shop” is a meeting and clearing place and supports the intercultural understanding.


RENOLIT SE, plant Waldkraiburg donates to:

Freiwillige Feuerwehr Waldkraiburg (volunteer fire brigade) – Supporting the youth fire brigade.

BRK Kreisverband Mühldorf (Bavarian Red Cross) – Supporting the youth Red Cross.


RENOLIT SE, plant Frankenthal donates to:

“Frankenthaler Tafeln“ (Ecumenical association for homeless people)

There is food in abundance, in Germany nevertheless some people have to starve every day. The "Tafeln" are aiming to reach a balance in between these differences: They are collecting "surplus" food in good quality and give it to the needy.

“Das Haus der Diakonie” (Diaconal House)

RENOLIT in Frankenthal supports with the donation the diaconal house, especially the counselling centre for parents, children and teenager, the counselling for addicts, the advisory service for debtors and the office for life counselling.


RENOLIT SE, plant Thansau donates to:

“Rosenheimer Tafel“ – Collecting food for people in need.

“Sternstunden des Bayrischen Rundfunks“ – Relief projects for children in need in Bavaria, Germany and worldwide.

RENOLIT Nederland B.V., Enkhuizen donates to:

Twinkle Stars

On 24th of November, RENOLIT Nederland organised the annual “Sinterklaasfeest” for the children of the employees. The parents had the opportunity to put a donation in a drop box. The collected money goes to the organisation “Twinkle Stars”. “Twinkle Stars” organises presents and parties for children with deprived backgrounds whose parents cannot afford presents.


RENOLIT SE, plant Munich donates to:

BISS e.V. (Citizens with deprived background)

BISS is the oldest and most successful street magazine in Germany. The magazine is produced by professional editors for low budget. It gets sold by homeless people who receive the proceeds of the sale. BISS also helps them in all other day-to-day needs.

Heimat und Trachtenverein “D’elbachtaler-Solln” (Society for traditional costumes) 

This non-profit society is located in the residential neighbourhood of RENOLIT in Munich. The society for traditional Bavarian costumes especially cares for children and teenager.

Middle School “Sambergerstraße”

RENOLIT in Munich supports with the donation a new climbing construction and the extension of the playground. The current climbing construction is already 20 years old and is not adequate anymore.