Attractive and functional

The film specialist from Worms presented 59 new Highlight decors for 3D thermo-laminate and 13 new stock decors for RENOLIT ALKORCELL at this year’s Sicam in Pordenone. With this comprehensive range of innovations, RENOLIT afforded visitors to the Italian specialist trade fair a first glimpse of the 2015 stock decor range.

Cool surfaces

“Freshly painted.” The new, charismatic ash embossing Modern Ash immediately evokes a sense of fresh paint on new wood. The specific features of wood, such as flowers and age rings, have been carved out in great detail and the matt finish of the surface lends the decor the desired crafted touch. Available in three different trendy grey tones, with Modern Ash a variety of finishes for interior doors can be created, especially for the home.

Lively oak

The Chagall Oak brings an interesting variant to the existing excellent range of oak decors already available. The patterns and age rings liven up the main linear structure, which has a striking appearance thanks to the colour combination and embossing. The Veralinga embossing gives noticeable depth to the two light colour combinations Sand and White. In the White version, light-coloured embossed depressions also add to the 3D effect and make the decor very lively. As dark brown wood, the Chagall Oak is combined with the accentuated linear embossing Melinga, which brings the calm characteristics of the wood to the foreground.

Subtle pine

The decor Andersen Pine presents a clear contrast to the lively oak. The pine in a northern style has the effect of being plain, as its colouring is drastically reduced to white with a light, authentic limed wood look. The decor therefore sets the stage for the charismatic surface Veralinga, which is well suited to furniture in pure country style.

Another decor with a subtle, mock-plain look is the fantasy decor Premium White Ribbons. Here, the decor displays the structure of a flowing white ribbon, making the surface look fresh and cheerful.

Fine walnut

The modern Altamira Walnut is the more refined of the expressive wood decors. With patterns and strong light and dark contrasts the decor comes across as very lively. This is reinforced by a natural colour combination with small knots and a matt surface finish. A very finely drawn porous design highlights the third dimension, especially in connection with the accentuated authentic three-dimensional structure Veralinga. Altamira is suitable for kitchen and living room furniture as well as for interior doors and shop-fitting.

Against germs and bacteria

As well as an attractive aesthetic, function is always the focus of thermo-laminates from RENOLIT – in the fight against germs and bacteria, too. For all furniture and installations, the smoother and more closed-off its surfaces, the less chance malicious organisms have for establishing themselves. Three-dimensional malleable thermo-laminates are well equipped for this purpose. Firstly, their surfaces are smooth and can be easily cleaned. Secondly, the thermo-laminate follows every round edge and bend so that there are no butt joints or sharp edges.

In addition to these basic strengths, RENOLIT products can also be made antibacterial. In this way many single-cell microbes are reliably inactivated and a large range of fungi made safe. Equipped in this way, RENOLIT ALKORCELL and RENOLIT ALKORFOL BK ensure a higher level of hygiene in interior construction. RENOLIT ALKORCELL is laid onto the lamination of wood or plastic materials, RENOLIT ALKORFOL BK onto steel or aluminium and thus for processing special sheet laminate installations.

The company

The RENOLIT Group is one of the global leading manufacturers of high-quality plastic films and related products for technical applications. The independent family business has been setting benchmarks in quality and innovation for over 65 years and today employs around 4,500 employees at more than 30 production and sales sites.

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