ATELIER2010 creates inviting atmosphere

Tax consultancy firm C.P.A. Dr. Mehnert, Weinrich & Eschenbacher in Kemnath, Upper Palatinate, commissioned interior design company atelier2010 from neighbouring Neudrossenfeld to carry out an extensive remodel and renovation.

And RENOLIT 3D thermolaminates were also included in the project. Thomas Keitzl, Dipl.Ing. (FH) Interior Design and owner of atelier2010 said "The project involved the complete renovation of the former home of the company founder into a modern office building. This required the restructuring and redesign of offices, as well as designing and constructing a new, inviting entrance concept.

The design brief was to create an open client area that reflects the company and its philosophy."

Contrasting materials create interest, such as the rather rustic flooring paired with the gleaming glass wall. Here RENOLIT 3D thermolaminates make it possible to combine the robustness required for frequently-used, everyday items of furniture e.g. wardrobes and filing cabinets, with the desire for distinct design.

Food for thought in 3D. Wall and storage space were optically interconnected, creating maximum space without interrupting the clarity of the room. The space directly opposite the waiting area now allows room for a 3D motto, which advocates freethinking, even in a field like tax law. Because behind every tax form is a unique person or individual company that requires consideration. At the same time, the tree is a graphic representation of the down-to-earth attitude of the company and its proximity to its clients.

Graphics, lettering, décor and light – with this exceptional execution atelier2010 further illustrated the limitless possibilities of RENOLIT materials.