Lots of different laminate floorings are afflicted by the same problems: the upper surface is very hard, they are cold to the touch and they are loud when walked on. RENOLIT provides you with finished products for laminate flooring that are softer, considerably warmer to the touch and are comfortable to walk on barefoot. 

The sound when walking on the floor is reduced through the materials used and the thickness of them. The multilayer, printed laminates based on PVC, PET and PP are ideal for lamination on HDF, MDF or other substrates.

Thanks to the large variety of decoration and variation of the top layer, you can satisfy every design wish. In addition to this, surface structures up to and including Synchronpore are available. 

We always guarantee a high level of functionality: due to the high level of mechanical durability and resistance to light and stains, the utilisation value of these flooring laminations is exceptionally high. 

Surface varnishes offer additional protection.


Thickness 1.250 mm 1.400 mm 1.600 mm
400 my
500 my
400 my -
500 my -

■ available

❑ not available

Properties / testing method Values/tolerances
Thickness DIN EN ISO 2268-3, 1998-07 0.350-0.500mm depending on top-layer thickness, tolerance +/- 7.5 %
Dimensional stability 10 min. 100 °C, fan oven lengthways max. - 8.0 %, across max. + 2.5 %
Embossing stability 10 Min. 90°C, fan oven No visible changes to shine, embossing or colour in comparison to standard
Resistance to fading DIN EN ISO 4892-2, 2006-06 DIN EN ISO B 02, 2002-07 ≥ 6 (blue wool scale)
Micro Scratch 1) EN 16094 ≤ Level 4
Stain Resistance2) DIN EN 13442 ≥ Level 3
Abrasion resistance Dependent on material

1) Exeption: Abrasive 7740 process B
2) Exeption: Red Wine, Acetone