General Description


RENOLIT WOODSTOCK DESIGN OCEAN DRIVE is a decorative surface for indoor use. It is a WPC substrate (Wood Plastic Composite), coated with
a polyolefin-based (PO) film.

RENOLIT WOODSTOCK DESIGN OCEAN DRIVE is ideal for the surface-coating of various wood-based materials and is used in the production of high-quality furniture components, wall and ceiling panels etc. The feature of this surface material is its unique heavily-textured surface with a 3-dimensional quality but which can be coated.


Property Test Standard / Test Method Values / Tolerances
Thickness Caliper approx. 2.00 mm
Total surface weight 1.760 g/m2
(+/- 100 g)
Surface weight, non-woven fabric 40 - 50 g/m2
Density ISO 1183 1,08 - 1,14 g/cm3
Chemical resistance DIN EN 12720, 1997-10 (test substances and exposure times acc. DIN 68861/1, 2001-04) Lacquered version (a): 1 C
Dimensional change during water immersion 4-day water immersion longitudinal max. – 0,20 %; transverse max. 0,20 %
Weight increase during water immersion 24-hour water immersion Max. 6 g/m2 / 0,30 %
Longitudinal expansion coefficient ∆t = 50°C longitudinal/transverse max. 0,20 % at 70°C; after cooling to 20°C longitudinal/ transverse max. – 0,30 %*
Light resistance DIN EN ISO 4892-2, 2006-06
DIN EN ISO 105 B 02, 2002-07
Lacquered version (a): ≥ 5 (blue wool scale)


Roll length ca. 150 lm
Roll diameter ca. 700 mm
Formats - length 2,500 mm, other lengths on request(max. 4,000 mm)
Width 1,300 mm, other widths on request
Minimum quantity stock program (white, white recoatable, black) 150 lm
Order No. White: S40.71.63.0001.000; Black: S40.71.63.0003.000; White recoatable: S40.71.63.0002.000
Minimum quantity special colours 10,000 lm


A) In General

RENOLIT WOODSTOCK DESIGN OCEAN DRIVE is suitable for surface lamination of various wood based materials and the postforming process.

The product is backed with a non-woven fabric which permits the use of various adhesive systems. For smaller components, PVAc- and

EVA-based dispersion adhesives can be used. For larger components non-aqueous adhesive systems are essential, e.g. hotmelt adhesives.

The best results are achieved with the use of PUR hotmelt adhesive.

B) Edge Finishing

Edge Finishing

Polyolefin (PO) edging strips are the optimum choice. After edging, a chamfer is machined which ends just below the valleys of the texture (see schema).

For this, a large-surface scanning element should be used to ensure straight, even machining. The surface quality of the chamfer can be improved by the use of a draw blade.

Laser edging-technology is particularly elegant as the adhesive joint is practically invisible. The impression is of a milled solid surface (see photo).


  • Use mild detergents with no abrasives.
  • Do not use abrasives, solvents, polishes, waxes or steam-cleaning equipment.
  • To prevent damage to the surface, test compatibility in an unobtrusive place in minimum quantities and with a short detergent effect period. Take into account manufacturer's instructions.


  • Store in a clean, dry environment at room temperature with moderate humidity. The surface material can be stored in its unopened packaging. Avoid contact with heat and sunlight.
  • RENOLIT WOODSTOCK DESIGN OCEAN DRIVE should be acclimatised for 72 hours at room temperature (approx. 20°C).
  • Approx. shelf life 12 months.


RENOLIT WOODSTOCK DESIGN OCEAN DRIVE is a polyolefin-based decorative surface. The formulation is free from halogen compounds or plasticizers. In the production of RENOLIT WOODSTOCKDESIGN OCEAN DRIVE we preferably use environmentally sustainable pigments.


This technical information sheet represents our latest state of knowledge and shall inform without obligation. The herein stated details do not release the manufacturer of our products from their own inspections and tests, which must correspond with the relevant national guidelines for its individual intended purpose. Especially it is the duty of the customer to control if the purchased product is suitable for its intended purpose.