3D Thermolamination

Mouldability is the characteristic feature of thermoplastic films. Adding heat softens them and makes it possible to change their shape, e.g. by embossing, pressing or creating a vacuum.

In the area of processing of plastic films, thermoforming has been a proven procedure for decades. It enables three-dimensional surface casing and is suitable even for small batches or single pieces.

RENOLIT 3D films are high-quality thermoplastic laminates that can be processed on any common thermoforming press. In a single work step, these films enclose the carrier material to imitate the finest of structures precisely.

In our research and development department, we are able to produce samples and prototypes for our customers. Further processing of our 3D films is performed in qualified specialist workshops with the required know-how and machines for this technology. Our relationship with them is characterised by many years of trusting cooperation. Their competence is also available to our customers as a part of the RENOLIT DESIGN network.