RENOLIT 3D Custom Solutions

The RENOLIT make-a-wish principle

THERE HAVE NEVER BEEN SO MANY TRENDS IN SUCH A SHORT TIME. Which colour, materials and decors are in favour changes rapidly and consumer demands fluctuate constantly. With the RENOLIT make-a-wish principle, we are contributing to more individualism and differentiation. This means: We focus on satisfying individual wishes when we develop and manufacture high-quality thermoplastic films for interior projects, furniture and hospitality areas. We offer solutions to our customers which are specially developed for their application areas using all the know-how of the RENOLIT Group.

The scope of our film applications and our intensive cooperation with customers has generated a wealth of knowledge which benefits a number of industries. An aspect which is reflected in our extended portfolio. So apart from surfaces for kitchen furniture, HiFi loudspeakers, doors and wall elements, we also offer special developments for white goods, retail interiors and technical applications in hospitality areas. Regardless of which application area you need a solution for, regardless if just a dream – simply ask us. Perhaps we are already working on it!

Furniture & Interior Finishing

Technical Applications

Flooring Components