Charleston Oak Darkbrown SC

Artikelnummer S40.70.14.0006.000
Dekornummer 3.0109.002 - 1 019 00
Dekor Beschreibung Charleston Oak Darkbrown SC
Geschäftsbereich Interior Surfaces
Marke / Produktgruppe RENOLIT Modernisation Films
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This vibrant décor is designed to emanate nature at its finest – inspired by untreated natural oak with its original, unaltered patina. Markings, branches and natural colour variation give an additional dynamic edge to the attractive grain pattern. The three-dimensional Veralinga texture gives the finish the lively appearance of a brushed and sand-blasted surface. Charleston Oak Dark Brown SC is an authentic décor designed to create accents or for use on single pieces of furniture.


Dekorverbund Egger
Zusätzliche Dekorverbundinformationen Egger H3154
Kategorie Oak