Press release 19 09 2022


    In Vantaa, Finland, the company Urho & Alarik Oy has entrusted RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing products with the roof construction, for its Ring III Park project. The flexible root-resistant PVC membrane RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F Sedum, specifically designed for green roofs, was used for the waterproofing.

    Sant Celoni, Barcelona, 19 09 2022 - It is aesthetically pleasant to look at and lifts one’s spirits; promotes biodiversity; reduces CO2 emissions; retains water and releases it slowly, thereby avoiding flooding in case of extreme rainfall events; lowers the temperature and avoids the 'heat island' effect in urban centres; limits usage of air conditioning units to cool indoor spaces; reduces noise pollution and increases the lifespan of the roof that is exposed to minimal thermal jumps. That is the idea. A green roof is not just a roof over one’s head, which is why in Vantaa, Finland, the local government has asked  anyone constructing new builds to undertake a commitment along these lines to combat climate change. And it is for this reason, for the new commercial building put into the Vantaa Ring III Park project, that the company Urho & Alarik Oy charged the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Finnish Ambassador Suomen Teollisuuskatot Oy with the construction of the roof, from initial planning and the roofing works to the final finishes.

    Suomen Teollisuuskatot owner Tomi Norrby, tasked with providing a turnkey solution, offered RENOLIT ALKORPLAN PVC roofing for the property without hesitation, listing its many advantages. In addition to the waterproof membrane's root resistance, the joint construction also guarantees extreme resistance, removing the possibility that roots penetrate the impermeable mantle. Secondly and extremely importantly, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN synthetic covers do not release harmful substances into the rainwater. Lastly but no less fundamental, is the fact that any drainage system can be made watertight simply and accurately. More specifically, the 1900 m2 roof has been waterproofed with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F Sedum, a membrane made of flexible PVC reinforced with polyester, designed specifically for green roofs.

    Making use of the best technologies is crucial to fully enjoy the benefits of a green roof. Green roofs bring numerous social, economic and environmental benefits. Vegetation cover contributes to mitigating the heat flow that the building exchanges with the external environment. This translates into the ability of the green roof during the colder seasons to retain heat whereas in the warm ones the result is a damping effect. Less dispersion leads to economic savings on the one hand, and better usability of spaces on the other, increasing people's wellbeing. It is now scientifically established that environmental circumstances play a decisive role in human psycho-physical wellbeing and that there is a direct relationship between nature and people's states of mind, something of great importance in urban spaces. In urban areas, green roofs with herbaceous and flowering plants are also a refreshment opportunity for butterflies, bees and insects, all necessary to ensure biodiversity and ecosystem balance.

    In short, in addition to being aesthetically beautiful and useful for the wellbeing of people and animals, green roofs can be the answer to the growing needs of sustainable urban planning, supported by RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing products.