Press release 03 05 2022


    RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membranes feature all BROOF certifications and are FM-approved, an approval granted only to products that meet strict requirements, including fire behaviour

    Sant Celoni, Barcelona, May 3, 2022 - Photovoltaic systems and solar panels are spreading exponentially and are making an important contribution to energy diversification while combating climate overheating. Excessive overheating of the modules, improper installation of the system, the use of poor quality plant components or lack of maintenance can however lead to a risk of fire on the roofs. Even in the absence of photovoltaic systems, however, fires can develop for other causes, including incorrectly designed flues, poor maintenance, use of inappropriate materials. These risks must be managed appropriately to mitigate potential adverse effects. In this respect, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN products can be very helpful in fire prevention. The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membranes are mainly intended for waterproofing flat roofs, but they are often also chosen for the construction of curved or inclined roofs due to their aesthetic qualities. Used for both new roofs and renovations, these membranes last over time (up to 40 years) and are fire-resistant.

    The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membranes and roofing systems comply with the strictest fire regulations on the market (external fire - EN 13501-5) and meet the four European BROOF for external fire resistance, classified according to the test method used as indicated in UNI CEN/TS 1187. All BROOF certifications aim to determine the self-extinguishing capability of roofing complexes, where the waterproof membrane plays a key role. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN also offers FM-approved membranes on different roofing complexes, an approval granted only to products that meet strict requirements, including fire protection. FM Approvals carries out testing and certification activities on four technical areas to determine the solutions that can significantly reduce the risk of damage or loss of property, focusing in particular on the fire prevention field.

    During the installation phase for mechanical fixing of the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membranes, it also has the great advantage of not using an open flame. If the fire breaks out despite the precautions, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membranes can limit the damage. In Belgium, near Ghent, in February 2019 a fire broke out in a new swimming facility of about 5,000 square meters, close to its opening. Well, the subsequent analysis carried out by the firefighters found that where the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Bright PVC-P membrane had been used, it had remained completely intact, and only at the points of contact with other plastics the membrane had melted locally. Thanks to this protection, the swimming pool was able to return to operation within a few days. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membranes also contribute to GREEN, BREEAM AND LEED building certifications, a clear demonstration of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN's focus on environmental sustainability.