Bio-Pruf treated ceiling film

    BIO-PRUF™ treated ceiling film

    BIO-PRUF treated stretch ceiling film is a solution for modern light coverings in health care and other areas where hygiene is of special importance. The formultion of the film features BIO-PRUF technology from The Dow Chemical Company.


    The material is treated with BIO-PRUF antimicrobial additive to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. This not only leads to a stretch ceiling film that is both, mildew and odor-resistant, but the adesive also acts as a presevative. It protects the material surface as it resists deterioration by mold fungus as well as discoloration by mold or mildew.

    In consequence, this BIO-PRUF treated film contributes to a healthy and hygienic atmosphere in any room - whether it be in a hospital or doctor´s practice, a sports center, hotel rooms or a private bathroom.