FM approved single ply waterproofing assemblies RENOLIT ALKORPLAN

    Buildings aim at protecting your properties, your business, your beloved ones, your customers.

    That is why you want to make the best choice when choosing a product or a provider to build them.

    FM Global, also known as Factory Mutual, is the international property insurance company that identifies the safest solutions for your buildings, thanks to risk reduction and damage prevention solutions.

    In its subsidiary FM Approvals, products and solutions are tested and rated as FM Approved solutions.

    On a roof, the whole assembly – including vapour barrier, insulation panels, fixations, etc. – has to be tested according to the FM 4470 standard.

    Tests focus on characteristics such as fire resistance, wind uplift resistance, hail damage resistance, susceptibility to heat damage and more.

    The FM approved assemblies can then be specified and installed to have a lower insurance premium and a complete peace of mind.

    We at RENOLIT are extremely conscious of the key role played by a waterproofing membrane in preventing your roof from fires and storms, protecting your business and revenue.

    For this reason, we decided to have many roof buildups including our RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membranes approved by Factory Mutual.

    Contact us to know what systems are available.