RENOLIT STRATO-STOCK was developed especially
    for formworks applications.

    Raffaella Giovannini Product Manager RENOLIT COMPOSITES

    The Product

    RENOLIT STRATO-STOCK is a wood plastic composite material with polypropylene and wood flour extruded in sheets. 

    The product is designed to cover a multi-layer plywood core of a panel. 

    The formworks panel

    The basic formworks panel is a multi-layer plywoodcore covered by two RENOLIT sheets. One sheet is placed on the technical and the other on the marketing side of the panel.

    The formworks system

    This panel is then connected to the whole formworks system, which is used for the construction of concrete walls.


    High nailability

    High weatherability


    100% Recyclable

    Long life

    High abrasion resistance

    Good impact resistance