YOOMA Hotel Paris

    Facade design YOOMA Hotel Paris

    Not far from the Eiffel Tower, the new YOOMA hotel was opened in Paris. To give the facade and interior a high-quality look, the architects and designers in charge decided to use RENOLIT REFACE high-performance film. It was also used to design the hotel lobby and corridors. Special color requests could be easily implemented thanks to a flexible color selection.

    The high-quality and modern film now underlines the creative character of the building. "Overall, it couldn't have gone better," says project manager Claudia Karouaschan. "The color of the high-performance film and the satin matte finish are exactly as we imagined. RENOLIT REFACE gives the building an innovative and stylish look, making it a perfect fit for the new YOOMA hotel."

    Project name: Facade design YOOMA-Hotel Paris


    Material: Anodized aluminum cassettes (exterior) and MDF panels (interior).

    Colors: Alpine Blue, Signalweiß, Tiefschwarz

    Quantity: 750 m²


    Watch now the video of our project in Paris. With our sustainable facade film RENOLIT REFACE we were able to redesign the YOOMA Hotel not far from the Eiffel Tower from the outside as well as from the inside.

    Due to the individual design possibilities and the color match according to the customer's wishes, the black and white stripes, which are known as the trademark of Daniel Buren, can be found throughout the hotel. This allowed the YOOMA Hotel to be made even more unique and counts as a real eye-catcher in the middle of the city.

    Click on the video and get an insight into our project!