Office building, Tiel

    The outdated office building in Tiel was supposed to be renovated. The aluminium facade showed clear signs of pollution because of weather influences and contaminations carried through the air. The director of Foil Solutions (certified subcontractor for REFACE in NL), Frans Tissen, advised the building owner to use the high–performance film from RENOLIT in Worms.

    The processor presented a reference object which had already been coated with RENOLIT REFACE to show the owner so that he could convince himself of the quality of REFACE films.

    Despite the visual appearance of the surface of the film, the customer was mainly convinced because of the reduced susceptibility of dirt on the facade. Because a part of the building had to be coated overhead and the stiffness of the film was a big advantage. The air ducts inside the adhesive ensured a bubble-free processin

    Name of Project: Facade Design for Office Building Tiel


    Colour: Pure White 9010

    Facade: Aluminum facade

    Surface Area: 1.400m²