Cut & Cover

    Cut & Cover structures


    Cut and cover is a construction technique to build underground structures within open excavations that are backfilled later on, such as shallow tunnels, metro stations, green tunnels or transitions to deeper excavated tunnels. Since these structures are to be buried, they need to be waterproof.

    The construction methods are sometimes similar to those of basements, but cut and cover structures always include a roof part. To provide a full envelope, pre-applied and post-applied waterproofing solutions are usually combined. RENOLIT offers a range of solutions certified in accordance to the most stringent European standards, comprising fully-bonded and loose-laid products totally compatible between them: can be welded together to provide a single continuous waterproofing material.

    During backfilling works the integrity of the waterproofing system already installed may be compromised. The high puncture resistance of PVC geomembranes minimizes the risk of damage, whilst its superior mechanical behaviour makes PVC geomembranes an adaptable and flexible skin for the structure, with service life over 100 years according to last scientific research.


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