The RENOLIT ALKORPRO system consists of a highly flexible PVC-P membrane reinforced with a polypropylene geotextile used in combination with WU-Beton (Watertight Concrete) to provide a “redundancy sealing system” with high performances for concrete structures in contact with the soil:

    • basements,
    • tunnels,
    • waste water treatment stations,
    • Concrete tanks.

    It is an innovative solution designed to protect the structure in all eventualities.

    The fully-bonded membrane RENOLIT ALKORPRO is a waterproofing, gas proofing and root resistant system

    The RENOLIT ALKORPRO system is designed so that a defect in one of the component does not lead to the loss of the system's sealing function.

    The advantages of ALKORPRO

    • The membrane is tested up to 5 bars water pressure.
    • The membrane can be installed in every weather conditions, being fully weather resistant (from -5ºC to +60ºC).
    • Easy to install, the membrane doesn’t need any protection layer and can be installed directly to the stabilised soil.
    • The overlaps can be done either by the CEM 805 adhesive, by butyl adhesive strips or by hot air welding.
    • In case of a hole in the membrane, the water ingress will be blocked after by the WU-concrete.
    • In case of a crack in the membrane, the water ingress will be previously blocked by the membrane itself.
    • The water cannot move between the membrane and the WU-concrete or through the crack, because the lateral migration is blocked by the membrane.
    • With just a short amounts of accessories, the system is easy to install.
    • Effective system
      • No need of compartments joints
      • No need of injection pipe
      • No need of protection layer on top
      • No need of protection concrete on top of protective layer
      • If the welding is not good, the Wu-beton will block the water.
      • If there is a hole in the membrane, the Wu-beton will block the water.
    • Conclusion:
      The RENOLIT ALKORPRO system combining a PVC-P membrane and a watertight concrete is a redundancy sealing system safe enough to work even in case of local damage.


    Three possibilities to assemble the membrane

    In the RENOLIT ALKORPRO system, you can weld, glue or use a butyl tape for the mounting.

    With just a short amounts of accessories, the system is easy to install.

    Full range of compatible accessories

    All the needed accessories are available and the combination among the products was tested by external laboratories.


    The support should be clean, dry and free from dust or particles.

    The support has to be cleaned:

    -by air pressure in case of dust or dirt

    -by water in case of mud

    It is recommended to pay attention to the thermal deflection of the membrane, as it could stress and crack the membrane itself during the installation.

    It is recommended to attend a specific installation training and read carefully the installation manual [link to].


    The RENOLIT ALKORPRO system is certified according to the most demanding European rules.