RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Masking Tape

    Protects window profiles during painting and plastering.

    RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Masking Tape is compatible with all films in the RENOLIT EXOFOL range.

    On both interior and exterior applications, RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Masking Tape ensures residue-free surfaces on removal, regardless of the film grade or emboss depth.

    Simply peel off and everything is spotless.

    The advantages for professionals:

    • Tested and matched for use on all RENOLIT EXOFOL films
    • Particularly thick and therefore mechanically highly resilient
    • UV-resistant up to three months
    • Withstands even coarser and dried paint or plaster stains


    Ideal for RENOLIT EXOFOL products.

    Make the most of these benefits - you'll find they're just the job for your daily work.

    RENOLIT customers can order the RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Masking Tape directly from our new online shop.

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