RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Cleaner

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    Please note! The RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Cleaner can be delivered only to countries where a safety data sheet is available (see below under "Safety Data Sheets).

    Producing spotless work is now even easier - with the RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Cleaner. It has been developed specifically for our products and provides the ideal means of removing stubborn dirt. Rubber marks? Adhesive residues? Building-site dirt? Pen marks? RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Cleaner leaves surfaces looking like new again in next to no time. Its impressive product features put conventional products in the shade.

    Our Professional Cleaner, your advantages:

    • degreasing
    • anti-static
    • non-aggressive


    Ideal for RENOLIT EXOFOL products.

    Make the most of these benefits - you'll find they're just the job for your daily work.

    RENOLIT customers can order the RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Cleaner directly from our new online shop.

    You can order up to 30 litres. Available in one-litre cansor in packs of 10.

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