Promote PVC as a future-oriented and sustainable material

RENOLIT is a member of the Working Party PVC & Environment

As a PVC-proccessing company, RENOLIT is a member of the Working Party PVC & Environment e.V. (AgPU). The AgPU was founded in 1988 as an industry initiative for manufacturers, processors, additive manufacturers and private individuals to harmonize the interests of the material with all aspects of environmental protection and to assist the PVC industry in sustainable developments.  Since January 1, 2010 the Chairman of the AgPU is the RENOLIT Board Member Dr. Axel Bruder.

Active dialogue about PVC

The Working Party PVC & Environment gathers and supplies information about the material PVC in Germany and around the world. Together with manufacturers of PVC and additives, processors and scientists, the AgPU maintains a dialogue with politicians, decision-makers in the economy and the public about the material. With their membership, over 60 companies and associations as well as numerous scientists support the AgPU, also beyond their immediate interests because the environment also knows no boundaries.
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