The best quality for the good of patients

Particularly stringent quality management procedures apply to RENOLIT SOLMED

RENOLIT SOLMED from RENOLIT MEDICAL are the starting point for the manufacture of life-saving medical equipment and pharmaceutical systems. As the quality of the end products depends largely on the quality of the Solmed components, RENOLIT’s objective is the best possible quality in line with the specifications and demands of the customer. Solmed Quality Assurance is certified to ISO 9001 and/or ISO 13485 and fulfils the demands of medical technology procedures.

Guaranteed Traceability

When developing Solmed components, RENOLIT observes the stipulation of pharmacopeia in various countries. This allows the products to meet the most stringent demands for medical applications. Only FDA approved materials are used. A gap-free documentation system ensures the traceability of every batch and every roll. Quality reports, production logs and test results are stored from every roll along with samples.

Thorough Tests

Raw materials, interim products and end products are tested for Zyto toxicity and other chemical parameters in RENOLIT laboratories. Test results are included in an analytical report which is enclosed in every delivery.