Monitored quality from the very beginning

Consistent quality management guarantees top-quality products

Kontrollierte Qualtität von Anfang an

For RENOLIT quality starts with the product idea and continues until the product is disposed-of. In line with the philosophy of the company, the continuous improvement of processes within the company and cooperation with customers and contractual partners is a focal point. The result is consistent quality which the customer can trust and which offers optimum customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 certified Quality Management

The DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified RENOLIT quality management system guarantees compliance with strict test criteria at the goods-in, process and finished product stages and ensures a consistently high level of quality during series production. The challenge of continual improvement is a fundamental principle of our corporate actions. Ever increasing demands on the quality of our products and services are being met by the ongoing optimization of our internal processes.

Planned Employee Qualification

Every employee is responsible for the quality of his or her work. Special training, qualification, further education and motivational measures form important prerequisites for well-managed processes and unproblematic, fault-free procedures. Personal performance objectives and individual measures are agreed in face-to-face meetings. Team spirit and interdisciplinary, pan-departmental work increases the efficiency of the entire system.

Inclusion of Suppliers

RENOLIT requires suppliers to adopt its own quality objectives because the quality of their products is of fundamental importance to the standard of RENOLIT products. The company includes suppliers In the development and quality planning process from the beginning to achieve a gap-free flow of information, fault-free manufacturing and process-reliable supplies.

Intensive Checking of Goods

Checking orders from so-called converters prior to production is performed by the goods checking department which examines colour quality, surface gloss, embossing and dimensions. After thorough checking and approval, the films are finished, packed and shipped according to customer wishes.