With the focus on tomorrow

High-quality products, innovations and Internationality characterize the history of RENOLIT.

Folien für die Taschenindustrie machten den Anfang

RENOLIT is one of the top global manufacturers of high-quality plastic films and products. Today and also in the past, sound finances, careful investments, internationality, innovation and the talent to spot new trends are decisive factors for success.

From small company to Global Player

Foresight, intelligence, entrepreneurial courage, enormous effort, solid finances and profound knowledge – these are the characteristics associated with Jacob Müller, the company’s founder.  He created a company which developed into an international, medium-sized Group with verve and foresight: RENOLIT.

RENOLIT was founded on May 4, 1946 in Worms. The activities of the “Renolit-Werke-Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung” were the manufacture of plastic products. With just seven employees he started making plastic panels. Today, the family-owned company employs over 4,700 people around the world.

Sound and International

Expansion backed-up by financial strength was decisive for the growth of RENOLIT. Because this enabled investments such as the first calender in 1950 which permitted continuous manufacturing.

Foreign contacts were developed early on: In 1950 the first deliveries were made to Holland and a few years later RENOLIT Hispania S.A. was formed as the first foreign subsidiary. Today RENOLIT is well-established around the world with its own manufacturing facilities in Europe and overseas and with participations.

Trendsetter and Innovative Motor in the Field of Plastic Films and Products

An important element for success was intuition regarding future trends. In addition, it was realized that only companies with seriously pursue research and development can survive in the face of global competition. These days RENOLIT has an excellent reputation for top-quality plastic films and products and further developments in this sector.

The Timeline of RENOLIT

Kalander sind damals wie heute die zentralen Produktionsanlagen
Jakob Müller hat RENOLIT gegründet und mit Weitblick zu einem weltweiten Marktführer gemacht.
Produktion Dezember 1982

Foundation of Renolit-Werke GmbH in Worms.

First calendering line for the industrial production of furniture films and first films for the manufacturing of office organization equipment and floors.

Acquisition of Paul Kiefel GmbH in Freilassing (Germany). Thus marked the integration of engineering and production of machines and plant for the plastics processing industry.

Ground-breaking ceremony for the present main plant in Worms (completed in 1958). Foundation of RENOLIT Hispania as the first foreign subsidiary in Estella/Spain.

Start of production of films for furniture surfaces in Europe.

Start of production of self-adhesive films.

Start of production window frame films.

Start of production of 3D furniture films.

Acquisition of a SOLVAY plant for the manufacture of CAST-PP films in La Porte/USA.

Spinning-off of the operative part of RENOLIT in June 1998 and  further operation under as Renolit-Werke GmbH. Transformation of the company into a stock corporation on January 1, 2003.

Take-over of the “Pegulan” film division from Tarkett Sommer with the plant in Frankenthal..

Acquisition of the South Africa location.

Transformation of Renolit-Werke GmbH into three independent companies: RENOLIT AG, RKW AG and Kiefel GmbH. JM Gesellschaft für industrielle Beteiligungen mbH & Co. KgaA is the holding company. (Today: JM Holding GmbH & Co. KGaA.)

Take-over of the SOLVAY S.A.’s Industrial Foils business.

Acquisition of a film company in China.

Official commissioning of the RENOLIT Hispania, S.A. plant at the new location in Villatuerta/Spain.

Acquisition of a distributorship in Moscow / Russia as well as distributorships in the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakstan.

Take-over of the Italian film manufacturer Eurogloss.

Transformation into a European stock corporation (SE).

Foundation of the sales company RENOLIT Istanbul.

Acquisition of the Medical Film Division from AUSTAR PMC, China.


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