Sander Schutte, Employee Quality Assurance/ Quality Control at the plant Enkhuizen in the Netherlands

„It is very interesting to be a part of the process that helps the medical world.“

I first became aware of RENOLIT when I was looking for an internship and luckily they were looking for students. That is how I started working in the Quality Control (QC) laboratory. During my internship I had a really good time, my colleagues helped me with the projects and I learned a lot about RENOLIT . After I was done with the internship we stayed in touch. That’s how I got the information that there was a job available as QA/QC employee.

I started working for RENOLIT in December 2010 right after I finished my studies. The areas in which I am responsible are the complaints from customers and the daily problems in production. More specific I’m testing if our products have the quality that you expect from RENOLIT . If not, research has to be done and problems need to be solved.  Some of the problems are easy to deal with, but others require a lot of research before the cause is determined. This is quite challenging. It’s also important to know what’s going on in production when you want to solve a problem. So contacting my colleagues gets me valuable information about processes and possible solutions.
The contact with colleagues and the variety of work are the things that make it pleasant to work for RENOLIT. It is very interesting to be a part of the process that helps the medical world.