Useful tips for your application

To make a good impression

There is no second chance for first impressions. This applies in particular to your job application. This should give a brief but accurate account of your qualifications, interests and your personality.
This is quite easy if you observe a few simple rules:

  1. Make sure that your application documents are complete. A good application normally includes a:
    • Cover letter.
    • CV.
    • All relevant testimonials.

  2. Use your cover letter to give us a short impression of your personality and the reasons for your application:

    • Which function are you applying for?
    • Why are you interested in this function?
    • What do you expect from your new function?
    • Why are you particularly suitable for this position?

  3. Include your up-to-date CV:

    • Set it out your CV in chronological order.
    • Begin with your last function.

  4. Look out for mistakes:

    • Check all texts exactly for formulation and grammatical errors.
    • Make sure the structure is clear and easy to read. 

  5. Observe accepted rules for written correspondence (for example paragraphes, line spacing, font size).

    • Only include files which can be accessed with every standard PC if you make an online or email application. Ideally, you should convert all word documents into PDF documents whose size does not exceed 4 MB.

  6. Generate interest in your person:

    • Mention relevant hobbies or personal interests in your CV.
    • Try to awaken interest in reader about yourself.
    • Tell us why you're contribution would be of special value to us.
    • Offer points of interest to talk about in an interview.

Have you thought of everything? Then we look forward to receiving your online application.

Application process

Our online application form clearly states which information is essential. CV and testimonials are easy to upload to complete the application. After sending you will automatically receive a confirmation of receipt.

After we have checked your documents you will receive a status report.

Would you like to work for RENOLIT abroad?

Apply for an advertised job proactively with our online form or contact the RENOLIT foreign affiliate directly. They will determine local demand and inform you about country-specific demands and the next steps in your application. Corresponding contacts can be found in our international application addresses.