Wanted: The RENOLIT Promotional Article of the Year 2018

There are a number of reasons why companies have promotional articles. They offer direct added value to recipients, have a long-lasting effect and are the basis of successful communications because according to a study, most recipients are pleased to receive promotional articles.

Promotional articles are also an inherent part of RENOLIT, and not just at trade fairs, exhibitions and events. Apart from basic articles such as ballpoints, USB sticks, etc. which are always in the line-up, the Christmas specials and the customized promotional articles for special sectors, RENOLIT now offers articles which are available for just one year. For this annual collection, authorized purchasers will be asked during August which articles they would like to see included along with a corresponding list of options. The products in this list were selected during the Marketing Communications Meeting together with marketing representatives from all Business Units in March this year.
Marianne Terry from the Corporate Communications department is responsible for promotional articles at RENOLIT. She explains; “You can access our online shop via a link from our promotional article supplier Hauptfleisch in which all articles are shown. The respective employee can not only select products but also state the quantity he expects to need in the next 12 months. These can then be ordered in batches during the course of the year”.

The favourites for the next season will emerge from this survey. Only products which have a correspondingly high demand are worth ordering and thus being included in the annual collection. These promotional articles are produced or customized exclusively for RENOLIT.

Apart from the new articles which will be included in the 2017/2018 collection, there is also a possibility of having individual promotional articles made for specific purposes. Please contact Marianne Terry (marianne.terry@remove-this.renolit.com) for further information.