It’s all about facades!

One pilot project is the renovated restaurant at RENOLIT’s Worms site.

The facade in the stairwell has a modern oak décor.

The ground floor shines in metallic silver.

Nuremberg/Worms, 21 March 2018 – windows, doors and wall panelling are all in the same category as façades, so it comes as no surprise that the trusted film covering technology for over thirty years has now been developed for façade applications.  “RENOLIT has been working on this for many years”, explains Stefan Friedrich, Business Unit Manager of RENOLIT EXTERIOR. “We launched a development project some time ago to assimilate existing know-how and further develop application technology”.

In 2016 Rainer Langner assumed project management responsibility, in which time he has made significant progress with a leading façade claddings manufacturer. “The initial developmental focus has been on aluminium elements for suspended back-ventilated facades”, Langer explains, “primarily because we see the greater business opportunities here, but also for the fact that our existing technology is the preferred choice for smooth, load-bearing surfaces”. As part of the project, RENOLIT also joined the FVHF trade association in February 2017.

Freedom of choice with small batch sizes

The new technology opens up façade cassette and siding opportunities in residential projects such as family homes and small apartment blocks. “Our advantage here is that we can viably produce colours and woodgrains  in smaller batch sizes, less than 500 m2  at a time, thereby giving the broadest possible design choice, enabling accents of colours and shades for example”, Langner elaborates. 

All this is backed up by the proven durability of RENOLIT products. Their colour stability has been renowned for decades. Colours and woodgrains are reproduced to the same standards every time, making repairs and extensions to projects possible many years after initial installation. Low cleaning and maintenance costs further enhance the long-term appeal of these robust façade solutions. 

The initial result of this project is a stock range of colours and woodgrains launched at this year’s Fensterbau Frontale. These include an extensive display of designs on aluminium cassette and siding systems, giving the architect of both uniform and complementary facades configurations with window and door profile systems.   

The façade project presents significant business growth opportunities for RENOLIT. Rainer Langner brings the project up to date the project as follows: “We are currently evaluating initial feedback from project applications, to ensure that the system is fully compatible with every conceivable application”.

The Company

The RENOLIT Group is a globally-active specialist for high-quality plastic films, sheets and other plastic products. With more than 30 locations in over 20 countries, and with annual sales of EUR 1 billion in fiscal 2017, the company is one of the world’s leading plastics product manufacturers. Over 4,700 employees continue to further the knowledge and expertise gained from over seventy years of business.

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