Experiencing the sustainability of the PVC value chain at RENOLIT Ibérica

Over a dozen of specialised trade media companies from all over Europe joined a press event organised by European Plasticisers and sponsored by VinylPlus, where they visited the plant of RENOLIT Ibérica in Sant Celoni.

The site produces waterproof roofing membranes for swimming pools as well as civil engineering. Its General Manager, Frédéric Weemaels, explained how stadiums, metro tunnels and solar panels are benefitting from the technology developed by RENOLIT, proving the versatility and durability of flexible PVC. During the plant visit, the journalists could follow the manufacturing process – from the formulation using specific plasticisers for different applications – to the printing and packaging of the finished membranes and films. 

VinylPlus is a voluntary commitment by the European PVC industry to promote the sustainable production and use of PVC until 2020. As a founding member of the Vinyl Foundation, RENOLIT is one of the financial contributors to the sustainability initiative and is a multiplier of its objectives. 

Further information about the press visit are available at www.plasticisers.org/mediaroom/media-field-trip-2017-experiencing-sustainability-pvc-value-chain-spain/

Further information about VinylPlus can be found at www.vinylplus.eu