Knowing who makes what and how

What Wikipedia does for the global internet community is what RENOpedia does for RENOLIT experts: A platform for current knowledge which is easy to access.

The exchange of knowledge is no simple matter for a global technology driver like RENOLIT. The development departments of the Group are spread all over the world so that regular meetings between their heads is difficult. In addition, there are numerous overlaps between the topics which have their roots in individual development departments.

Exchange of Expertise within the RENOLIT R&D community.

RENOLIT, as the first company in the industry, has thus established its own know-how platform to facilitate the continuous exchange of current expertise. The platform named RENOpedia is based like the internet encyclopedia Wikipedia on the system Mediawiki.

The  Wiki software is a user-friendly, high-performance search tool which allows all information to be stored in any available file format.

A Sophisticated Knowledge Platform – and very easy to use

RENOpedia can be used intuitively and allows a real-text search of all pages. Similarly to Wikipedia, texts can simply be entered without the need to decide in which special folder the document should be stored. The latter is of particular benefit for documents which are used and processed by a number of persons. Past problems like when a document got lost in the “data jungle” and was only found after much searching are a thing of the past with RENOpedia.

As a result of the positive experiences made with pilot applications in the R&D area, further internal information platforms are currently being established.

Customers are also impressed by the innovate solution. Such a system can simplify the exchange of information even in larger projects. Such a Wiki would then progress from an Intranet to a Extranet solution with defined access privileges for the participants.

RENOpedia: Multifaceted Benefits

  • Improved exchange of information
  • Encouragement and support of an open exchange of ideas and know-how
  • More efficient cooperation and communication
  • Storing data and knowledge on a jointly-accessible basis
  • Central area for the exchange of ideas and other creative processes