Noises of Life

We are walking past a building site: sparks are flying and the screeching sound of machinery on steel is painful to our ears. Or imagine relaxing at the hairdressers with your eyes closed. It’s almost silent – all you can hear is the sound of scissors snipping away.

We hear the noises of everyday life, of technology and craftsmanship – sounds we often associate with precision. The feeling of freedom is described quite differently by motocross riders: they offset the focus and
accuracy of their everyday work and experience themselves with all their senses when the engine is roaring.

“NOISES OF LIFE” introduces a world of colours with subtle shades of grey and brown, such as pearl grey, deep cement grey, shimmering tin plate and grained brown leather. The textile industry is bringing particularly soft and smooth fabrics onto the market, such as velvet, cashmere and mohair. Fashion is drawing attention to new cuts accentuated with natural leather optics.

In interiors you play with open fixtures. Medium brown woods as well as a hint of concrete bring new accents to our living areas.