RENOLIT 2D film| RENOLIT Alkorcell

Touch and vision

  • A wealth of design options

Surfaces are instrumental in determining how a room or an object is perceived. They appeal not only to our sense of vision, but equally to our tactile perceptive faculties.
The sight of a shimmering matt texture which gently diffuses the incident light is sufficient to provide us with an idea of how it will feel when we touch it.
A defining characteristic of high-quality surfaces is that their "look and feel" quality lives up to their visual promises. Consequently, a key focus in the production of RENOLIT 2D film is on combining nuanced prints to perfection with fine embossed textures. The special character of our film is attributable not least to the high quality with which this combination is achieved.
From plain to decorated, from matt to gloss, from smooth to textured – the RENOLIT 2D portfolio offers a great diversity of colours, textures and properties to support architects, shop fitters and exhibition stand builders in realising their ideas down to the fine details.

The RENOLIT 2D selection includes product brands RENOLIT ALKORCELL and RENOLIT ALKORFOL HO. Both brands comprise a number of high-quality industrial films. Their formulations were optimised for specific applications.
Each of these films design the surfaces of

  • shop furnishings
  • improve furniture 
  • wall and ceiling panels

Of course, they also comply with the high demands to public building furnishings.