Pre-formed corrugated sheets for conveyor belt housings

RENOLIT ONDEX covers are pre-formed corrugated sheets manufactured with translucent GRECA 70 x 18 sheets. They are bent in factory and benefit from the RENOLIT ONDEX PVC sheets qualities :

  • Resistance to corrosion and chemical agression
  • Fire classification B1 (self-extinguishable and non-flamable)
  • Limited dirtying thanks to a smooth and homogeneous material
  • Low weight
  • Transparency

Thanks to their shape and qualities, RENOLIT ONDEX covers are particularly suitable for the protection of conveyor belt housings in factories, warehouses, port areas and outdoors.

  • Their resistance to corrosion makes a use in marine environments possible.
  • Thanks to their resistance to many chemical products, they can be used in the food and chemical industries.
  • The wide range of dimensions meet each project.
  • Their transparency enables the follow-up and the maintenance of the conveyor belt housing.