Participants Workshop Sorrento

Christoph Augustin

Christoph Augustin - “We stand for user-friendly design without a strident formal language, and for resource-efficient and sustainable construction.”

Augustin&Fischer Planungs GmbH, Christoph Augustin




Amandus Sattler

Amandus Sattler - “We pursue a holistic design approach, from the original concept down to the smallest detail.”

Allmann Sattler Wappner, Amandus Sattler

Barbara Wolf

Barbara Wolf - “Taking a fresh look at things with a practised eye.”

JDS Architects, Barbara Wolf
Copenhagen / Brussels,



Günther Katherl

Günther Katherl - “Our motto is to start afresh with every project.”

caramel architekten zt GmbH, Günther Katherl


Christoph Monschein

RENOLIT auf dem Weg in die Architektur

Christoph Monschein - “Architecture is everything: background and, above all, a matter of luck.”

Atelier Hollein, Christoph Monschein


Marc Blaschitz

Marc Blaschitz - “We take a transdisciplinary approach in the increased interweaving of structural and media spaces.”

Splitterwerk, Marc Blaschitz




Yves Schihin

Yves Schihin - “Good architecture is the thoughtful design of our living environment.”

burkhalter sumi architekten GmbH, Yves Schihin