FAQ Handling

What is the processing temperature of RENOLIT REFACE?

+10°C bis +30°C for the film

+10°C bis +40°C for ground temperature

What is the temperature resistance of the film?

The temperature resistance  -30°C bis +80°C.

Which substrates are tested and approved?

RENOLIT REFACE can be applied flat and smooth, lacquered or non lacquered surfaces, such as metal, aluminium or HPL.

Individual case examination is absolutely needed.

What is the average processing time on straigth surfaces?

The average processing time is ca. 15 min. / m2 for 2 persons.


Which tools are required?

The following tools are required: felt squeegee, cleaner, primer, force measurement device high-quality cutter, tape measure, isopropyl-water mixture (70:30).

Which cleaner is recommended after application of the film?

Water and dish soap.

What is about sealants?

Sealants cannot be pasted over. Thus, only use approved sealants.

Is a primer necessary?

This depends on the substrate. Please ask our application engineer. 

In which cases do you provide lacquers?

For deep joint an application is not possible. For that case wie offer a matching lacqure for colour adjustment. 

Are there certified processors?

Yes, we certify processors in all of Germany and recommend those. 

Is it possible to remove the film?

Yes, RENOLIT REFACE can be removed.

Can I apply the film by myself?

RENOLIT REFACE can be applied after a specific training by RENOLIT

Is a paste over of the film possible?

A individual case examination is necessary.

How is the handling with screws and rivets?

Existing screws and rivets have to be exchanged.  

Are overlappings possbile?

Basicly overlappings are possible, minimum 5cm in use of primer.