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Which type of film is RENOLIT REFACE?

RENOLIT REFACE is a calandered film. 

What are the dimensions of a RENOLIT REFACE roll?

  • Roll Width: 130 cm
  • Roll Length: 50 m
  • Roll Weight: ca. 25 kg
  • Roll Thickness : 160 µm incl. adhesive
  • Grammage: 180 g/m2

How is RENOLIT REFACE constructed?


Where can RENOLIT REFACE be applied?

RENOLIT REFACE is suitable for inside and outside applications.

What does the adhesive consist of?

It is a high-performance acrylic adhesive with air release technology for bubble-free adhere. 

Which surface does RENOLIT REFACE have?

The surface of RENOLIT REFACE is embossed and thus appears lightly structured. 

RENOLIT REFACE has a silk-matt surface gloss at 60° ca. 8-12%. 

What delivery time can be expected?

Stock colours: depending on availability 1 week

Special colours: 6 - 8 weeks

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Stock Colours: 65 m2

Special Colours: 400 m2