RENOLIT Alkorplan F

    Mechanically fastened system

    Mechanical fastening is perfectly suited for lightweight, metal deck structures for large industrial buildings, warehouses, logistic centres, etc. It can, however, also be applied on concrete structures or wooden decks.

    The roofing membrane is fastened to the substrate along the longitudinal edges by means of pressure plates and screws. Wind load calculations can accurately determine the exact number of fasteners to be used in order to avoid any risk of wind uplift.
    The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F membrane for mechanical fastening has a woven polyester reinforcing, which makes the membrane even more resistant.

    At the overlap, the membrane is hot air welded. The hot air welded joints are at least as strong as the roofing membrane itself. Besides, they give the roof a neat and homogenous finish, without the risks of open fire. Quick and easy to apply, regardless of weather conditions, the system provides a perfect and durable watertightness of the roof.

    Mechanically fastened membranes are also available for aesthetic roof solutions, thanks to a broad colour range, standing seam imitation and ecological solutions (cool roof and cool coloured membranes).

    In case of renovation or demolition, the mechanically fixed membrane can be easily removed and recycled.

    Mechanically fastened system on metal deck
    Mechanically fastened system on concrete warm roof
    Mechanically fastened system on timber warm roof


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