Press release 01 08 2020


    The RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR system opens up a world of possibilities for designers: original and innovative applications for fixing different facade materials. Impeccable looks and a guarantee of full water tightness. Let’s find out more with 3 interesting RENOLIT projects.

    Sant Celoni, Barcelona, 01 August 2020 Originally designed for installing solar panels, RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR, part of the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN family, is actually a surprisingly versatile solution. The smart features of this system can also be seen in alternative applications for the exterior finishes on buildings. For example, the lightweight profiles can be used as supports for shingles, aluminium composite panels, timber planking or even trellises for greenery. Several applications, with very attractive results, demonstrate the various creative possibilities: each and every building is given a designer touch with the guarantee of perfect water tightness. Here are three projects where RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR is the protagonist, guaranteeing elegant architectural style, clean lines and maximum safety.

    The masterpiece of architect Lieze Vandael is undoubtedly an excellent calling card for RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR. Located in Ellikom (Peer) in Belgium, the house is built entirely of solid wood, and the architect wanted both facade and roof to be finished with thermowood timber cladding. Timber, however, is never completely waterproof. So, the challenge was to create a uniform join between the roof and the facade, ensuring a 100% waterproof roof.

    This was possible thanks to RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR solution: the mounting profile is fused homogeneously with the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membrane thanks hot air welding. This makes up the weight-bearing base to which the external heat-treated Ayous wood finish is fixed. In this way, the building obtains maximum reliability and a unique and extraordinary look.

    The same creative goal was achieved in the newly built office of Swann Edward Architecture, with Passivhaus certification. The project is inspired by the typical farm buildings of Cambridgeshire's Fenland district in the United Kingdom. A very stylish accomplishment also thanks to the contribution of RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR, which played its part here as a strong, yet extremely light, mounting system.

    The versatility of this product can also be seen in the redevelopment project of the Glasgow Fort Shopping Centre, where a double wave covering was created on the new restaurant area. The client wanted something different to the pre-existing stainless-steel tiles. The chosen materials, western red cedar and artificial foliage, were installed on the curved surface using RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR.

    Hot air welding made it possible to weld and anchor the synthetic profile without perforating the waterproof membrane, for a 100% wind-proof and totally watertight solution.

    Over the years, the way of conceiving cities has radically changed: the goal is increasingly to build stories that can regenerate local areas, including through external finishes created using creative and environmentally friendly materials. A challenge that RENOLIT is proud to face, experimenting with solutions such as RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR: innovative, efficient and able to contribute to the evolution of the designers of tomorrow.